Panasonic Strada CN-MW200D / CN-MW100D

Panasonic CN-MW200D / CN-MW100D Genuine Map SD Card Japan


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Panasonic CN-MW200D / CN-MW100D

7V型ワイドモニター 2DIN AVシステム
地上デジタルTV/DVD/CD内蔵 SDカーナビステーション CN-MW200D

NavigationDisk Review 

The navigation screen is the same as the ND3N-W53 of Toyota genuine navigation that Panasonic used before, so it’s easy to see.
However, since it is too light on the whole, there is not much fun in appearance.
If you take a closer look, it looks exactly the same screen structure as the Strada pocket that you wear in your home life.

The performance of the TV seems to be very good, and the proportion of full-segment images is high.
The screen is not WVGA, but the reflection is very beautiful.
As expected, there is only Panasonic navigation.

Because it supports iPod, our iPhone6 ​​can be used, but it seems that you can’t listen to music on USB or SD card.


TOYOTA NSZT W61G Genuine SD Map Card

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