Android car gps navigation wifi gps

  •  “NavigationDisk-Play” is a brand of GPS, better quality assurance .
  •  The Good Material of the GPS and The Workmanship, The Good Maps ;Faster GPS Signal Info .
  • 7-inch capacitive screen, touch more sensitive.
  • Built 800MHZ / 8GB,  than the average GPS speed twice as fast;
  • Support Bluetooth, wireless transmission, answer the phone.
  • Support AV-IN, when connecting a rearview camera,Reversing automatically switch the screen (Rear view camera needs to be purchased separately)
  • FM emission function, the navigation voice and music will be directly sent to the car speaker. With this function, the sound become better and louder.


Android car gps navigation 7 inch wifi gps navigator tablet GPS Navigator WIFI AVIN bluetooth Camera HD 800×480 512M/8GB

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