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How to stop Japanese Radio ERC code reset after restart or battery terminal unplugged

var switchTo5x=true; stLight.options({publisher: “b651dc05-5294-4187-8569-eb0f7b1d34ee”, doNotHash: false, doNotCopy: false, hashAddressBar: false}); bdcar is first time ever sharing this note for you How to stop ERC being changed and keep in Navigation memory Find this screen and press the top button. This will save the new ERC to memory.   The new ERC will remain if power

Toyota erc code generator online |Toyota Japanese Navigation ERC

How to find the ERC Code and Enter ERC Unlock Code For all model Toyota ERC unlock code password and other model password we can help. Press and hold this button 2. At the same time Turn on and off your parking light switch 3 times ( Please notice all the buttons are illuminates) 3.