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Audi – Camry 2014 Toyota Navigation List : Decoding (unlocking) Japanese Unit (remotely)

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Decoding (unlocking) Japanese Unit (remotely)

Decoding of Japanese Unit, including remote method for TOYOTA through the service menu and ECLIPSE, after 3 failed password attempts. Always have the original boot SD card. 
If after removing the battery tape asks for a password, set the former owner – come, Delete password from your radio!
At this point is possible to find and remove the password on these Japanese multimedia devices: 
ND3T – W57 (can be remotely) 
NDDN – W57 (can be remotely) 
NDDN – W58 (can be remotely) 
NHBA – W62G (can be remotely)
NHDA – W57G (can be remotely) 
NHZA – W60G (can be remotely) 
NHDT – W57 (can be remotely) 
NHDT – W58 (can be remotely) NHDT – W60G (can be remotely) NHDP – W57S (can be remotely) NH3N – W57 (can be remotely) NH3N – W58 ( can be remotely) NHZT – W58 (can be remotely)NHZT – W58G (can be remotely) NHZN – W57 (can be remotely) NHZN – W59G (can be remotely) NHZN – W60G (can be remotely) NHZN – W61G (can be remotely) NHZP – W58S (you can remotely) NSSN – W59 (can be remotely) NSSN – W60 (can be remotely) NSSP – W61 (can be remotely)NSSP – W62 (can be remotely) NSST – W61 (can be remotely) NSDD – W61 (can be remotely) NSDN – W59 (can be remotely ) NSDN – W60 (can be remotely) NSDT – W59 (can be remotely) NSZT – W60 (can be remotely)NSZT – W61G (can be remotely) NSZT – W62G (can be remotely) AUDI A4CAMRY – HYBRID 2011 ECLIPSE AVN6605HD (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN8805HD (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN550HD (can be remotely)ECLIPSE AVN558HD (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN668HD (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN110 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN111 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN112 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN1100 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN-G01 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN-V01 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN-V02 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN-Z01 (can be remotely) ECLIPSE AVN-Z02 (can be remotely) Gathers VXM-145CKENWOOD HDV-810 / HDV-820 / HDV -910 CARROZZERIA AVIC-HRZ008 / AVIC-HRZ099 / AVIC-VH9900 PANASONIC CN-HW800D PANASONIC CN-HW820D PANASONIC CN-HW830D PANASONIC CN-HW850DPANASONIC CN-HW860D PANASONIC CN-HW880D PANASONIC CN-HW890D PANASONIC CN-HW1000D MC311 CLARION CLARION MC312CLARION NX309 (can be remotely) CLARION NX609 (can be remotely)CLARION NX711 (can be remotely) CLARION NXR10 (can be remotely)CLARION NXR12 (can be remotely) CLARION C9CE (can be remotely)CLARION C9CD (can be remotely) CLARION GCX110 (can be remotely)CLARION GCX710 (can be remotely) CLARION GCX808 (can be remotely)SANYO MS110-W (NVA-MS7110W) SANYO HS310-W (NVA-HD7310FW)SANYO HS309-A (NVA-HD7309) not found in the list of your machine? – Call added to the list. In the decoding takes 1-3 hours. On decoding recorder for TOYOTA through the service menu, ECLIPSE and CLARION – 5 minutes.For CLARION instructions here:
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  1. Can you please send the picture of the SD card you need. We will then check the picture of the SD card with the card database and send you the exact matched card.

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