About Us

Initiated from my classroom as a dream to serve people when they are in need of car radio lock. It was 2000 december, I – Shareef created a page in blogspot as http://coronabd.blogspot.com and from there gained millions of peoples best choice to solve car radio solution till date.


++8801672761737   ( Live support) 

++8801672761737   ( Live support) 


Only Japan Car Navigation and Radio Solution Provider since 2000

We are serving worldwide since 2000. We have 1000’s of happy customers references worldwide who are ready to verify us. Please ask for contact details if needed. We are always trusted like no others. Check reference page


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Our story

Started in 2000 – we have served millions of customers, family – who are enjoying their imported japanese cars . Those were locked due to missing of SD and codes. 

All the latest and old cars mapdisk and SD’s code and Navigations are available. 

For all kinds of product related queries, delivery method, price information , payment method, after sales support and for other detailed information please contact with our live support by Whatsapp/Viber for faster reply