ERC Unlock Code for Japanese Car Radio, DVD and Navigation Head Unit

ERC Unlock Code for Japanese Car Radio, DVD and Navigation Head Unit

What is ERC Unlock Code

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Usually, Dead battery or removing the Car Audio Unit for repairs can cause units to be locked in some Japanese imported cars. To unlock the Unit it requires ERC unlock code or ERC password. ERC Unlock password is 8 digits code. Refer to How To section for more details.

How to Find ERC Serial No.
  1. Press and hold the main button on your navigation player.
  2. Turn parking lights on/off 3 to 4 times until a new screen appears.
  3. Press only the active buttons on-screen and you will get to the screen where there is a 16 digits ERC serial number. e.g. 00618e6400000000, B8763918AA7575A7.


List of Compatible units

Following is a list of supported units which can be unlocked by ERC unlock code provided by this website.ND3T-W56, ND3T-W57, NDCN-D55, NDCN-W55, NDDA-W55, NDDA-W56, NDDN-W56 NDDN-W57, NDDN-W58 NH3N-W58, NH3T-W57, NHBA-W62G, NHDA-W61G, NHDT-W57, NHDT-W58, NHDT-W58G, NHDT-W59, NHDT-W59G, NHDT-W60G, NHZD-W62G, NHZN-W57, NHZN-W58, NHZN-W59C, NHZN-W59G, NHZN-W60G, NHZN-W61, NHZN-W61G, NHZT-W58, NHZT-W58G NSCN-W59C, NSCN-W60, NSCP-W61, NSCP-W62, NSCP-W64, NSCT-W61, NSDD-W61, NSDN-W59, NSDN-W60, NSDT-W59, NSZA-X64T, NSZT-W60, NSZT-W61G, NSZT-W62G, NHZN-X62G, NSZT-W64, NMCN-D51, NMCN-W51M, NMCT-D51, NMCT-W51, DSZT-YC4T, W60G, NHDT-W60G, NSZT-Y66T, NSZT-W66T, NSCD-W66

New Supported Models:NSZT-W68T, NSZT-Y68T, NSZN-Z68T, NSZT-W69T, NSCN-W68

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