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$280.00 $220.00


Multimedia PANASONIC Toyota NSCP-W61
Model of a radio tape recorder
The size: 2 DIN – 178×100 mm
Price: 220 US Dollar ( Including Courier Charge)

For Stock availability, Card Price and delivery information please contact by:

AUX, Bluetooth, CD, DVD, FM, DTV-built-in, SD MP3 card support

  • All other options
  • With all required cables
  • 1 original japanese SD
  • Unlock code

7-inch display, 115 million. pixels, EGA high resolution image, multiple audio settings, the ability to copy CD to SD card, –
Reads music from SD card –
Connector for connecting MULTI-RING, reverse camera and side, VTR, etc.
Dimensions: length – 20, 5cm, height-10.5cm, width-16cm. for cars of TOYOTA brand

Viber/Whatsapp: ( Live support)


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  1. nikoloza

    there is no bluetooth :/ or idk how enable

    • adminjp

      contact us

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